Enviromentally Friendly, Healthy, Safety Quality

All of the investments are financed through the equity capital of the company.ASC Industry, using advanced technology at home and forieng markets, proving high standarts of quality,protecting environment, providing services and products beyond customer services.

  • Quality Policy

    Quality at ASC is; to improve quality continually,to serve functional, nature friendly and technologic products with complying requirements of all relevant laws
    and regulations, to have production style that holds customers’ satisfaction at highest level, to have continuously improving organization with our suppliers, workers and management.

  • Environmental Policy

    At all steps of our process, our aim is; to Prevent pollution in air, water and soil by reducing wastes and recycling, to Conserve natural sources, to Comply all
    requirements of international environmental laws and regulations, to Improve efficiency in environmental management system being in cooperation with public enterprises,
    non-governmental organizations and our partners.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy

    At all stage of our inlet and outlet activities; our safety policy is; to Increase our safety performance by having a safe and healthy working environment, to
    Decrease safety risks and accidents by ensuring involvement and continuous education of all our workers based on our OHSAS goals, to have improving quality system by being
    in accord with all relevant laws and regulations.